Welcome to my E-Portfolio

Welcome to my E-portfolio where you can find information on my approach to teaching, classes I am teaching, professional development, and current resume.  Please use the navigation tabs above to browse my site. 

I have been teaching since 2010.  I teach at the algebra level mostly, however, I would love to teach a higher level of math.  I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to teach concepts to students. Prior to teaching I was in graduate school working with mathematics in biology.  I was working with microscopy and quantifying biological activation in cells with mathematics so that the effects could be better understood.  I had experience both in applying mathematical techniques and conducting biological research.  Again, I enjoy a challenge.

A picture of Elizabeth with a waterfall behind

To contact me:

Salt Lake Community College: ejones11@slcc.edu

Westminster College: ejones@westinstercollege.edu


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